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Industry City Interactive site 

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I joined the Mill to create a new interactive platform for IBM. They needed a tool to help show how IBM can help improve aspects of specific industries within their impressive breath of expertise. 


Gold in Website Design 2021

Gold in Animation & Illustration for Websites 2021

Gold in Digital Ads and Campaigns 2021

Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2021

Silver in Mobile App 2021

Silver in Interactive Design 2021


Silver Distinction in UX/UI

Finalist in business to businessdata visualizationlocalization

Anthony Ferrera: Art Director, Design

Will Adams: CD 
Studio: THE MILL 

Producer: Mandy Agderian
Conrad McLeod 

Steve Kutney

UX: Anastasia Kuznetsova

IBM Design Lead: Sebastian Huynh

IBM Editor in Chief: John Kultgen

IBM Editor in Chief: Marshall Wright

IBM Content Director: Erik Nelson


Working with Will Adams as CD and a great team of artists this project continued to expand. Eventually we designed a new site to house them all and renamed it INDUSTRY CITY. 

We designed an immersive experience that showcases IBM's extensive industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology through relatable scenes. These focal points highlight motivating tales of problem-solving, success via innovation, and intelligent strategies, all while directing the audience to our key solutions.
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