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Google Maps

Go back in time with Doc Brown Pegman in Street View 

Marketing Video
Art Direction
Sourced Material

B-reel NYC hired me to work with the Google Maps team and come up with Marketing material for the release of a new tool within Maps. Time Machine is a tool which allows us to peer back into the past and explore the archives of imadry collected by Google's Street Veiw Cameras. 

It was amazing getting to access and experement with a product that had yet to be released. We spent hours at the Google offices in Chelsea scouring the globe for imadry of the most dramatic changes 7 years worth of documenting could create. 

Introducing Doc Brown Pegman

Once we had the imagery, we needed to create the perfect guide. In partnership with Universal, we bring you the iconic Doc Brown Pegman. He can be found in the lower left-hand mini-map once a user engages with the clock icon while in Street View.

We created a series of animated gifs for the launch of this feature. 
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