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This is a page where I get to throw all the fun stuff. Works in progress, animation tests and anything else I feel like.  


These are hand drawn cell animations created in Photoshop with the help of a great Extension called AnimDesign2

Illustration: Photoshop 

I helped nurse this pigeon back to health. Basically the bird slept in my bed with my dog, took a bath the next morning and left happily. 

Created for Google Trekers

Here on the rite someone made a modification to my Twerking Pegman. 

Some quick tests done of a pitch. I very quickly filmed my hands to integrate in these gifs. 


Animated these critters illustrated by the talented Andres Rivera. Check out his work here 

I modeled lit and animated these little Fireflies for a Google Project. Check out the spot here. 

Just a pet project of mine. Sculpted these figures in Zbrush. Finished it all in Cinema4D. More to come. 

WIP Carvings in Soap Stone.  

The medium furtherst from the digital work I do. The pros of this type of work is the ability to smash these to pieces if needed. 

Personal Project - Puppets: Sculpty, Wire, Fur 

I was comissioned to create these masks for The Death Set.   Sculpty, Wire, Lamb Skin 

This puppet I made was set loose in Central Park. More examples of these guys can be seen below. 

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